Pal Ngagyur Shedrup Döjö Ling

Nyingmapa Wishfulfilling Center, Nepal

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Young monks light butter lamps for a special occasion.

The donations of supporters like you are vital to the work of our teachers and the well being of our monks at Pal Ngagyur Shedrup Döjö Ling (Nyingmapa Wishfulfilling Center for Study and Practice). Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world, and providing a healthy and safe environment where these young men can learn and practice the Buddhadharma is of supreme importance. Your donations also support teachers’ travel to offer dharma instruction and empowerments in the US and beyond.

The Khetsun Foundation was established in 2008 to support the ongoing work of Ven. Khetsun Sangpo Rinpoche, his dharma heir Kangyur Tulku Jigme Norbu Rinpoche, and Shedrup Döjö Ling. The foundation is governed by a Board of Directors, which includes representatives from both Nepal and the United States. It is registered as a 501(c)3 charitable organization for US tax purposes.

Click here to visit the Khetsun Foundation page and offer your gift.

(Photo by Sonam Gyaltsen)

Contact: dudjom_institute

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